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Silently Not-Knowing

As a community we practice meditation beyond fixed forms and ideas. We cultivate feminine qualities, and include the bodily aspects in whatever we do, perceiving with childlike eyes the mysteries of our existence.

We share diverse spiritual background and …

Being touched

Wide Awake Bearing Witness

We promote among the community and in the wider social setting clear and transparent communication. We strive for mutual consent in our decision finding sociocratic process. 

applying interaction

Acting benevolently

We engage on various level with our environment, society and among ourselves. We do so on the macro, micro and meso level. Whatever we engage in we try to act benevolently. 

Below are some fields in which we engage and want to involve others to join and contribute with their expertise and joy and needs.

Preindustrial Handcraft

Intercultural interaction of men in their sharing of traditional craftsmanship i.e. wood, leather, basket-weaving.


The park invites the old and the young to interact playing boule or badminton. Or just enjoy afternoon tea.

Perma Culture

The parish garden brings fruit and vegetables grown according to perma cultur objectives - sustanability, social, wholesome.


Engaging together in growing vines to produce the juice we share wile interacting.

Parish Community

Partaking in social interaction with the neighbours.


Learning in courses on GAIA, how to sustainably interact with the environment we are part of.


Resolve conflicts interacting nonviolently. Playfully learn in the flow game and circle method.


Practice sitting in concentration in interaction with the infinite.

Tiny Housing

Interacting with just a little and live accordingly.

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